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1. This came from a company that still used their old printer in addition to G.M. Printing - The old printer had some of their film jobs on file so they still printed those jobs. The customer showed me a pile of boxes stacked against the back wall of their office. He told me that the boxes were filled with rejected items from the other printer. Then he went on to say that they had used hundreds of thousands of G.M Printings pieces in their mailings and they had never found a bad one.

2. This came from a first time customer - I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the way that I was treated as a first time customer. The turnaround time and quality of the job were great. I would definitely recommend your company.

3. This came from an impatient print broker that used to complain about our thoroughness and how many questions we would ask. - He gave 7 of the jobs that we used to print to other printers. The jobs were rejected by other printers due to mistakes and quality issues. He then said that there just might be an advantage to the way we work. I told him that his customers had gotten used to the quality and accuracy of our work.

4. This came from a long time customer - "The reason I do business with you is that I trust you more than anyone else. I know you always cover my back for any potential mistakes due to your thoroughness."

5. This came from a gentleman running for local office - He wrote us a letter thanking us for the very thorough way we stayed on top of the job through all its stages to its completion. If it wasn't for that, he didn't think the job would have gotten done on time. He also said, that if we could have seen his competitors advertising campaign you could easily see that it did not compare to what we printed.

6. This came from a local politician - He dropped off a job on Saturday afternoon and we had it printed and ready to be picked up on Sunday morning. His crew was then able to go door to door and leave the flyer on every ones door handle. It was important for them to have these to the public by Sunday. He thanked us for a quick turnaround on a weekend.

7. This came from a frequent customer - "I know you watch over our projects in a very personal way to help us cut down on potential errors that we don't catch and we really appreciate this type of service."

8. This came from a Japanese woman customer -She used us to design and print and invitation and came back 4 years later for us to do another invitation in Japanese. She mentioned something relating to her past job so I went to find it. I found it and was back in about 2 minutes and she was shocked. She told us that it took her more than that amount of time to find her old job. This is how we treat customers, we are very detail oriented.

9. This came from a long time customer - They told me that when they want to re-run a job, they don't even bother to look up their records anymore because of how fast we can find the job information and samples. This is because of how accurately we keep our records.

10. This came from a new customer who was dissatisfied with his previous printer- He showed me a job and pointed out a problem. I said that I definitely would have called about that before printing the job. We are careful about the little things. Many people wouldn't even notice these things, but we do, and we fix them. This customer stayed with us for several years until they unfortunately went out of business.

11. This came from a very long time customer - He said one day, "As always, your jobs look great and I never have to worry about the quality of the work". He even trusted us enough to leave a signed, blank check when we hadn't worked out a final price on a job due to us needing a price on paper costs.

12. This came from a new paint contractor customer- He called one day and told me that his printer had gone out of business and he needed to re-print his proposal/invoice form. He said that the other printer had his files and that he had used his last form. I told him that I would have to typeset it over again because he had written all over the form. The good news is that I did some improvements to the form that he liked much more than the old one. He had more room to write in things where the spacing was originally too short (like the telephone space, etc.) I grouped elements on the form that were related so that they were no longer in separate areas. I told him that for the money he had to spend, at least he got a better designed form with changes that will make it easier to use. When I get a job from a customer, I always try to do something better than the last time it was done.

13. This came from a new customer - ?He came in to show me why he was unhappy with a job he had printed somewhere else. It had dirt and unwanted ink spots on it. I said that I would have never delivered a job that looked like that. I told him I pull out a sheet every 40 sheets during the press run and scan it for problems. If a problem is detected, the press would be stopped to correct the problem and the defective sheets would be replaced. He decided to give us the work from that point on and was totally pleased with the work

14. This came from a small ad agency office - They had given me a 12 piece job that they were mailing for a promotion. They were in the process of using me as their new printer. A woman in the office was trying to get back the film from their old printer while I was standing there. They got into a heated argument because the old printer would not give her what she wanted. One day when I was there for a new project, the gentleman in charge pointed to boxes against the back wall (there were a lot of them) and he asked if I saw them. After I said I did, he told me that they were all rejects from the other printer. He told me that they had used over one hundred thousand sheets that I printed in the current mailing and did not find one bad sheet.

15. This came from a woman poster customer in Englewood - She told me that she had picked a smaller design company like us because she felt that we would take a more personal interest in her project. She was so pleased that she even sent us a letter thanking us for all the help and suggestions that we helped her with. She also told us how much her staff had loved the poster that we created.

16. This came from a well known political official - He gave me a job over the weekend. It was important that he pick up the job at 7:00 am in order to start to distribute the printed material in Bergen County by 7:30 am. When he was not here by 7:15 am, I called his house and woke him up. I told him who it was and what time it was. He told me he would pick up the job in 15 minutes and I was shocked that he got here in 15 minutes. I was even more shocked at how wide awake he looked and well dressed down to the carnation in his lapel.

17. This came from a husband of a designer- He was in a panic. He told me someone did a job for his wife and it came back with the back and front sides not lining up. He said that his wife could loose her job over this. I asked him to slow down so that I could get all the facts about the job and help him. I told him that there was a good chance that I could help him as good or better than anyone else. He told me that he was going to have his wife call me. She was also making calls for help with the job. His wife called a short time later and she was also in a panic. She restated how she could loose her job over this problem. I said lets slow things down so I could understand her needs and not have any more problems. Her project was 7 recipe cards for 17 different tables to be printed in full color on two sides. I had her send over the files for me to look at. I got a hold of my designer, who has worked with me for 14 years, at 8:30 pm and told her what was going on and there was a problem with the woman's file. We called the customer back and helped her through correcting the file problems. We had a proof for her by 8:30 am the next day and had her job finished by 6:00 pm. She was only three hours late delivering the job to her customer. They were an event planning company that supplied a full range of services to their customers (this happened in April of 2011)

18. This came from a designer I met in an art supply store - I asked a clerk in the store where something was that was about 30 feet away and this artist that was close to me mentioned that he just passed the item in an aisle and pointed to it. I thanked him and asked him what he di for a living and he told me that he was an artist and graphic designer. I told him that I had a print shop when he asked me what I did for my line of work. He then said that he sends a lot of work out to printers but seems to have problems with the quality of work. I told him that quality would not be a problem in my shop. We exchanged business cards and I heard form him in about a week and a half. I gave him a quote and started doing all his work from that time on. He told me that my work always looked great. He never mentioned anything to me other than how great things looked.

19. This came from a school teacher - I worked with this woman on a school newspaper project. As I worked with her over several months, she said to me that she could tell I was not just in this for the money but also for the love of helping people.

20. The President of an ad agency that does brand development for the pharmaceutical industry world wide had this to say to me one day in April 2011 - He said that he is so pleased with the work we have done for him that I could use him as a reference at any time. I said thank you so much. He said that he would be happy to do that at any time.


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