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Advantages of Having a Web Site

In my opinion having a web site is extremely vital and important today. Read this page to understand why. You will not only learn how important it is, but what you might want to include in your website.

If I ask a person for their web site address or receive a business card without a web site address I am very disappointed and discouraged because I will not have access to the information I want and need to make a decision on a purchase. I would view their company with doubts about how committed they are to inform, please, and service me as a customer. If I have to struggle to get the information I want from them, it would be easier for me to do business with a company that makes it easier to do business with. I feel strongly about a web site adding a lot of credibility to a company. It shows that they are committed to servicing and making it easier for their customers to do business with them. A company's website address should be on their business cards, letterhead, and any other promotional materials they provide for customers.

List of advantages for having a website

The first thing people usually do when they want to learn about a product or service is to go to the internet. In a search, many of the local companies will come up near the top of the search page.

Give your company visual exposure to anyone in the world with a web access.

Give potential customers information about your company and be able to answer many of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) when it is convenient for them. Free your company staff from having to take time to answer these repeated questions so they can be more productive.

A website is the most cost effective way to promote and market your business 24/7/365 days a year to anyone in the world. There is no other medium that even comes close to being as cost effective.

People can bookmark and revisit your website anytime they want. Radio and TV ads come and go and newspaper clippings can get misplaced but a website is always there for your customer.

Get new business from people who did not know about your company and were not even looking for you. These customers found you because they were searching the internet for a product, service, or something similar to what you offer and found your website.

A web site can be an electronic brochure of your products and services. Customers can interact with your products by enlarging them and / or turning them around etc. A website can be more timely, cost effective and convenient than mailing a catalog to all your customers.

You can offer music and video clips to demonstrate products and services. You could demo the advantages of your products and services.

Add a slide show or animation. This is something that a printed version cannot offer which is another big advantage of a website presentation.

Make your company policies known in order to avoid having problems with customers

You can have a form for customer comments and suggestions. This is a great way to get reactions to your products and services and to find out if customers were satisfied doing business with you. You will also learn more about your customers and their experiences. If there is ever a problem, you can learn about it and improve your product(s) and / or services.

By strategically planning your website, you can customize each area to attract the customer that is looking for that product or service you offer in their search.

Another very big advantage is that you can update your website material quicker than any other form of advertising. You can promote daily, weekly, special new products, promotions etc. Your website can have a place for customers to select to be included in your e-mail mailings for any of these announcements or promotions that you want to offer. This is done by most of the larger companies today to keep customers informed and to increase business.

Your website could be the difference between a customer buying from you or your competition.

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